Sunday, February 17, 2008

Archive: file named unreal

Ok this is gotta be the most meaningless or meaningfull(at the time) 2 blocks of sentence construction i penned. i still can't figure what it means. dated : 2004

read on:

now i'm not startin this with a question. coz when i do, i have to keep up to it.i dunno whther to cry. whether what i am in now is what demands such a thing as a tear or whether this emotion which creates tears was constructed to meet with such situations. i'm in the middle. thats an awful experience. in the middle of being sad and shedding a castrol of tears. its similar to that unstable level of wanting to puke but sumthing stops... and u aint sure whether u wanna give into or away from it.

i remember. sitting in an all capped maruti 800 and driving with my sweetheart. i smiled like it was a recognizable emotion. when i do now, i dunno whether its sumthing i make up or real. since i dunno,the question kills me in repugnance.

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