Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Origin of Speci-fics

I can’t whistle. Its no physical glitch that produces such an impotency on me. I read that a whistle is a outcome of a turbulence created in your mouth either by curving the tongue with the lips or inducing an external agent such as a finger. I can’t whistle. No external agent except a metal pipe helps me whistle. I can flip, head stand, snort, growl and can even tune my sound machine into an impressive beat-box but I CANNOT whistle. There goes my quarter body mass worth of confidence.

In my exodus of innumerable life experiences, I have realized that certain things can be done with the passion they deserve only in a prepared epicurean state of mind. Cant drive if you facing yawns, can’t drop a tear if there’s only bliss around, can’t motivate with a speech if there’s nothing you’ve been inspired by. The whistle doesn’t work for in any frame. Ok, before you start to rate this narrative as edging on obscurity, let me ribbon this piece with a topic to net back some attention : The Origin of Speci-fics

Of many google-ian paths that can be spawned from any action, we chose only one that suits our most immediate interest and of course we are partial to those moments that are more self-serving than others. What makes me certified on acting in a certain manner to expect the outcome as exactly what I’d want it to be? Where’s that confidence emanating from? Why do I repeat the same mistakes although I act on behalf of an intelligent being who uses history as his most reliable guide?

In biological terms, it’s the way we wire ourselves. Our brains are an immensely gargantuan repository of neuro-networks ; neurons can be described as the single points of storage of information which can be in raw terms be compared to a bit of data. The neurons connect one another with arm like tentacles and exchange electric impulses with their tips, known as a synoptic cliff. Our thought process is commutative, which means that an element of the presently tailored thought has direct influence on the proceeding thought much like the design of a computer game where the play of one event under the ambit of conditions influences directly the next trigger of outputs. So if I start talking about fishing, I might be driven off to the experience I had when I last hurt myself trying to sew bait onto the fish hook or my pleasant drive next the lake which was brimming with salmon. Overtime, certain triggers become automated and exceeding. Those triggers would only lead to a set of thoughts no matter how diverse it is from the original condition. This fact can be validated from everyday experience. If ones answers the phone to an incessant flurry of ‘wrong number’ calls, soon enough, the automatic response to a legitimate phone call would be emotional response that emulates anger. What happens here is that since the action was hit repeatedly with the first one creating a cinch of anger, the neuro-nets connect with the network that represent anger ,because anger nets and ‘answering the phone’ nets were firing together. So Neuro-nets that fire together, wire together.

But I’m not here to deal with the biological linkage as my ineptness in it is child plays to prove. I critique the subject as one who seeks to break it down on a personal level. The piece can be a tough write and often times confusing and aberrant. This follows soon when I’m less emasculated.


Tresa said...

I dnt know what you were intending to say trough this piece. But its definitely hard on ones senses. You must have been in some kinda enigmatic imbroglio when you wrote that..however, the words (though only a fanatic display of vocab) are flowing well..m sure u can do better, much bettr.. First criticism ureceive, should always be the worst..hehe..Happy blogging!

Anil said...

Dude, were u fckin high when typin this??????