Sunday, February 17, 2008

I have a dream : The crusador fetish

An email dated 2005 that I wrote when I felt I was spiralling down to becoming another cyber coolie. I remember me facing extortive craving to shatter my cubicle down as a symbol of showing "this is not what we are designed to do". i wanted to put my papers down that day and sign up for the closest anti-corruption NGO. I thank my senses I didnt.

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My dad recently got an additional job as a Land Revenue commisioner.
We all know the amount of money exchanging hands under the tables in the various taluks , RTO's and village registration offices. He caught one such guy who was involved in illicit exchange of exhorbitant amounts of cash. That guy was dimissed. This has created much fear among the other who do the same(taking bribes). So my dad predicts that now they will think twice before taking a bribe. Also, in all his speeches(he gives about 10 every week), he talks strongly against the bribe taking community(some of who are always present at his speech). He looks at them straight in the eye and declares that all those who are involved will be caught. Its his courage to look straight in the eye of the devil in front of a mass which has got him far.

Do we have as much power and reach as IAS officers do? Can we twist and create scares among the corrupt indivuiduals? The answer might be no. But we do have something which no one else has. We are young and we have the ability to think like this now.That gives us the courage to fight not just a wind , but a storm. We can be taken seriously if we wish. But first we have to take ourselves seriously.What can we do as mere s/w eng's? Other than the monochromatic,well paid lives we lead as s/w eng's , we could do much to improve other ppls lives. Realize this:We are born and put on this
planet coz the universe felt the lack of something. Each one of us has been born to replace that impotency of the world with somethin beautiful. In other words, we have all been put here for a purpose. Find that purpose and we'll find meaning. The questions we ask ourselves:how can we help others? How can i stop the guile spreading around? all contain the fullfillment of that purpose we are yet to satisfy.

just realize ur social responsibilities... nobody's gonna tell u what it is
..u just ve to realize it urself. it could be helping the homeless in colonies
around u or by educating them or raising funds for basic sanitation or
providing them with knowledge about hygene and STD's. There r a million things one can do, only ur imagination is the limit. And if u ever doubt whether what u do is actually helping others better than if u wer not doing it, dont worry ,u'll always know whether u r. We all have a conscious , which even in the most confusing predicaments will tell us what exactly shud be done.

Guys,right now we think success in life is measured in the big cheques we gather every month. Right now , we'r not satisfied with what we earn. And this I can gurantee,no matter where we reach on the financial rung, we will never be satisfied with how much ever we earn( Coz nuthing seems enuff). But theres something that can truly fill us. It is the same thing we'r all born for. Its not to make money,not to drive fast cars or own a studded mansion but to create happiness. Realize this and do something.


Merryn said...

Was down in the dumps and hitting stages of paranoia when I read this. Felt... elevated. Thank you. Keep writing...

Adarsh said...

Wow! Fantastic stuff... keep rolling, tiger.