Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dispassionate reasoning : the influence of emotion on intelligent action

archival : dated 2006 . 06 surely produced some pensive moods.I remember penning all these during the times when I was coerced to sit and programme with hardly any real programming to do.

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Dispassionate reasoning is what i exhibited was all a man had to say about something he feels is not rite...

U say that u cannot find answers in ur mind,therby seek solutions in ur heart .But the answers r ther in ur mind..urs,mine or any1 in beat with their conscious confronted with the same scenario. Ther is no need to look in2 ur heart..coz if u do ,u no what u find. what u find is not an answer , but a string of actions which if committed to would in the future be the coz for a million questions.

Some brilliant people ve often mentioned emotions as the only weak link of human intelligence. It blinds people from logic and straight reasoning. Which is damn true considering the rise and fall of many fabulous nations and smart men because they thought love was the ultimate reason. Love can only be a instigator to reason..never the measure for it. But we cannot throw that truly beautiful emotion away from us...coz it defines us,it differentiates and makes us special. But love , when used as a excuse for wrong reasons , not only defies itself but also the very reason it tries to instigate. We not only loose both, we loose all.

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